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DFW Acupuncture Center uses Traditional Chinese Medicine healing methods to improve your health. Some of the therapies include Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet, energy exercise and emotional support to address your immediate healthcare needs.

Many health conditions can be prevented and treated quickly  in the beginning stages. Your body intelligence is a remarkable force.   It functions well under most stressful conditions And know how to heal itself.

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Acupuncture and moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine

About Us

We Teach Your Body To Treat Itself

Our goal is to treat patients using old traditional techniques of Acupuncture along with homeopathic drugs prepared from all natural ingredients.

Using acupuncture we balance your energy letting your body to treat itself
The real taste of hypnotherapy performed by Dr. Walker
100% Natural and 100% Organic Medicine
Open your chakras and talk to universe

Customized Treatment

Great care is taken to personalize each patient’s treatment plan. Essential to healing is empowering each patient with the knowledge and confidence to actively participate and make positive changes in his or her own journey to wellness.


Acupuncture Information

Acupuncture is a system that treats both symptoms and causes. Most health related problems are due to stress and lifestyle conditions, with the exception of injuries and/or accidents that cause physical damage to your body.

Our healthcare system has become a way of just treating symptoms however many people are not satisfied with taking medications and/or surgeries. When you choose to use a more natural method of healing it is important that you be willing to do your part. Your health is your responsibility and no one will ever know your body, mind, emotions and spirit better than you.

When you receive your first treatment, you may notice some IMPROVEMENT immediately. The length of time you have had the condition being treated will determine how quickly your body will recover. Chronic problems compromise your energy level and this can cause slower results. Remember that healing is a process that takes time to recover. An example is low back pain, if you have had chronic low back pain for three years it can take up to one year to completely recover.

It is important to give acupuncture a fair chance to help your particular problem. A minimum of three treatments is required before determining if the treatments will help with your condition. If you are not willing to commit to at least three treatments you should save your money or try another type of treatment. It requires time and patience to understand your complaints and treat them.

Patient compliance is also a very important part of the process. The closer you follow instructions, the quicker the improvement.

Many people suffer from allergies. The good news is you CAN do something about your allergies without taking shots or medicine for the rest of your life. We are learning more each day about the side effects of common medication. If you are ready to do the work, NAET can help you ELIMINATE your allergies.

According to Chinese Medicine allergies are anything that over powers you wei qi ( immune system). Allergies can be enviromental, food related and/or emotional stress. These forces are constantly affecting your energy. When your energy is over powered you start to have allergic symptoms which if not treated begin to cause more serious health problems.

HERE IS A LIST OF SOME COMMON ALLERGY COMPLAINTS you might suffer from one or more.

Feeling tired and heavy especially after eating meals, difficulty focusing your mind or brain fog, swelling of the hands and feet, headaches and drainage down the back of your throat.

What is NAET?

NAET is a method of treating the root causes of your allergies. This treatment uses a combination of acupuncture, chiropractic and muscle response testing. By treating your nervous system you can reprogram your body’s response to all your allergies. This system has helped many people regain their health and energy. To find out more go to www.naet.com

If you are interested in starting treatments you must first read “Say goodbye to your allergies” This book will give you the necessary information needed before beginning your treatments.

The first HMO or PPO (not what is was called then) in China was set up to focus on keeping the people of a village healthy. The way the system worked was, each month every family would pay the doctor a small premium. If you were to get sick or injured they would go to the Chinese doctor for free. If you had a chronic health problem you would be given a strict regimen consisting of herbs, diet, exercises and lifestyle changes. If you followed the directions they would suspend your monthly payments until you were well enough to return to work.

The doctors incentive was to get the patients well. Once back to work you would continue monthly premiums. Unfortunately, Our health care system grows stronger when people are sick rather than well. Many people are realizing that chemical drugs and surgery are very expensive and often ineffective so they are looking for new ways to improve their health. If you are someone who wants to take responsibility for your health and are willing learn schedule a 30 minute consultation.

Come visit us and learn how to keep improving your health. Your health is your responsibility. Nobody can do your work for you. The choice is yours to make.  We look forward to seeing you in the future.

DFW Acupuncture Center cancellation policy requires that you give a 24 hour notice of cancellation of your appointment. When scheduling your acupuncture session please keep this in mind. If you’re not sure you can make your scheduled appointment, please do not schedule. The cancellation fee for missed appointments is $50. We strive to be punctual with your treatments. We ask that you please value our time and understand the reason for our cancellation policy.