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About DFW Acupuncture Center

The Acupuncture Center uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address your immediate health needs.
Many health conditions can be prevented and treated in the beginning stages. Your body is a magnificent complexed machine. It functions well under most stressful conditions: given the opportunity it can heal itself. Chinese Medicine has been used to maintain and improve body functions for thousands of years.
In a fast moving world we sometimes neglect our body. It’s warning signals are overridden due to various reason,i.e. weight gain, muscle tension and pain, chronic problems that don’t ever resolve. THIS NEGLECT TAKES IT TOLL OVER TIME and is commonly referred to as aging and/or stress. The choice is yours regarding how quickly and gracefully you age.
If you want to find out more about your overall health condition sign up for a health screening. This will teach you about any unknown weaknesses you may have. To learn more go to the Wellness Screening tab on this website and follow the given instructions.

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