Regulating your energy

Learning to Regulate Your QI

Chinese Medicine looks at health and wellbeing in a new refreshing and simple way of living your life. Many health problems begin with Stress. So, what is Stress? I wish i could accurately define what stress is. Unfortunately, it is different for everybody.
What does Stress do to you health?
We you get stressed your body tenses up. It can be in the low back, neck and shoulders, jaw, stomach and intestines as well as anywhere in your body. Usually this activates your sympathetic nervous system.This system is also know as your fight or flight response. Its great if a man with a knife is chasing you. It helps you run fast to get away hopefully. Echart Tolle told a story about two swans swimming. They are territorial and one day one of them swam into the others turf. They began fighting until the aggressor backed down. Several minutes after that encounter he noticed both of the swans would vigorously shake their wings for a couple of minutes. Then they would continue swimming calm and relaxed for the rest of the day. He realized that the adrenaline from fighting was still in their system after the fight so the way they got rid of it was to vigorously shake afterward. We might call this exercise. When running on adrenaline tension will build up and if you don’t work it out if begins to cause tension in your body. This the related to the sympathetic nervous system remaining dominate. When this occurs your body functions increase. Unfortunately this is not a good thing to sustain for a long period of time. If so, it causes muscle tension, increased internal inflammation, and pain.
You may be asking how this relates to regulating your Qi.
Your body produces energy everyday. It is not alway consistent in producing energy this is affected by sleep, exercise, diet and working. Most people want an endless amount of energy to do all the many things life has to offer.
When we reach puberty your body is beginning to produce vast amounts of energy. For many teenagers it is a difficult and challenging time. Too much energy affect the body, mind and emotions unpredictably. As they begin to learn how to use this energy they can become (more productive) in not they experience a vast array of emotions and mental upset. This is due to their body producing too much energy and the lack of experience on how to use it.
As we begin to age our body energy begins to change. Usually in the late 30s or early 40s the bodies energy begins to diminish. If you don’t sleep well, exercise, are overweight you will notice you are beginning to have health problems. The production of energy your body now produces is significantly less than when your where a teenager.
Healthy lifestyles help to conserve energy and keep it strong. If you can control your weight, exercise regularly and have something you enjoy such as a hobby your will be able to maintain you health easier than those who don’t.
I often see many people that are always busy. I know we have been thought to keep busy and be productive. I believe this is behind most of the stress people of suffering from.
Chinese medicine teaches to balance Yin and Yang. Yang is your busy, active, outgoing, hot, external nature. Yin is calm, quiet, creative, intuitive, and internal nature. If you can learn to better balance these two opposing forces we can find balance. If not, stress, disease, addictions and obsessive behaviors are what awaits.
The choice if up to each person to decide. A simple test is to ask yourself if your more Yin or Yang? Which ever one is dominate begin to work on the other. Most people are to Yang.
Here is an example of how to regulate your energy. Think of you Qi (energy) as a bank account. How is your energy bank account doing? Many people that come see me are overdrawn. If you continue to charge more energy when your overdrawn their will become a deficit. As some point your energy account will be shut down. Usually in the form of a body, mind or emotion health crisis.
If you have a regular routine this will greatly stabilize your energy bank account. By doing the simple things we all know to do you can find a much better future ahead waiting for you. If not, inflation will catch up to you and slowly keep draining your energy bank account.
I hope this article is both educational and thought provoking. My goal is to get people much more active in their own health. If you don’t take care of yourself who else will?

Stay well,
Bill Clement, L. Ac.

~ by admin on May 4, 2014.