Ancient Wellness Healthcare plan (New)

The first HMO or PPO (not what is was called then) in China was set up to focus on keeping the people of a village healthy. The way the system worked was, each month every family would pay the doctor a small premium. If you were to get sick or injured you would go to the Chinese doctor for free. If you had a chronic health problem you would be given a strict regimen consisting of herbs, diet, exercises and lifestyle changes. If you followed the directions you would suspend your monthly payments until you were well enough to return to work.
The doctors incentive was to get the patients well. Once back to work you would continue monthly premiums. Unfortunately, Our health care system grows stronger when people are sick rather than well. Many people are realizing that chemical drugs and surgery are very expensive and often ineffective so they are looking for new ways to improve their health. If you are someone who wants to take responsibility for your health and are willing to learn, I suggest you join my program.
The monthly premium is $25. With this you will receive 10% off future acupuncture treatments as long as you are a member. You will also be able to attend monthly meetings for 50% off for you and a friend.
Come join us and learn how to keep improving your health. Your health is your responsibility. Nobody can do your work for you. The choice is yours to make.  I look forward to seeing you at our first meeting.

To become a member please send an email requesting to join my wellness program.


Bill Clement